ubuntu server

Turn ubuntu server into a full fledged desktop

Using LiveCDs are great to test out and install your favorite ubuntu OS. I know of a different what of installing a particular ubuntu desktop system by using, the ubuntu server system. 

This is not a LiveCD. It is intended for installation of a server. There is a method of configuring this server to install a full fledged desktop system. 

Within the system shell (the black screen with the blinking cursor), type #sudo tasksel, and hit enter.

You will then see a list of system types. These types list different server roles, and, desktop systems. You will see some familiars: kubuntu, ubuntu, lubuntu etc. 

Select the desktop system you want, by highlighting it using the arrow-keys, and pressing the “space-key”. Then hit enter.

The server begins installation of your chosen desktop. After the installation completes, you need to install a display manager that handles logging into your system using a graphical login program.

You can choose any of the following, lightdm, gdm, kdm. Once your preferred display manager has been installed, restart the system.

Once the system boots up, you will now see your new desktop system with a display manager asking you to sign-in.  

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