Inspiring Education

Computers and Agriculture

I love building computer systems. The ability to create something from thought turning it into a physical tool of importance is remarkable. Even more remarkable is learning to how to grow food. A true engineer is one that knows how to create tools of survival. Build and live. Consume and be a dependent. I like food as much as I like computers. I can chef in both fields.


I have heard of the importance for humans to learn basic survival skills. I took that literally. I have been into computers for the majority of my life. Yet, life does not revolve only around a monitor, even as much as I would like it. Have to remember, all things have a starting point. What I am using now came from mother nature. She provided the means to view email, IM, web browsing and PS3s. We have joyfully consumed these great treasures. In order to consume, you have to grow.


Have spent a few days on my mother’s farmland a few years ago. My mother is into gardening. Growing up with her, I got used to seeing plants resident the living room. “Keep them watered” she would say, “too much can kill it”. My thought was, I will never find the need to learn to care for plants. Did not find the need then but understand its importance now. Those few days on that farmland were some of the best experiences I ever had. Living in the city, you begin to admire the freedom of space, the fresh smell of air and the silence from everyday sirens, loud music and security alarms. Plus, learning how to grow food is a skill I will no longer pass up.


It is time to give back to nature. She has provided us so much. No better way to go green than by actually growing green.