Debian Desktop

Purple in my View

Change is inevitable. You can not stop it no more than you can stop breathing. Like a machine, there will always be improvements, upgrades and repairs necessary for an optimal functioning system. There is never a “all complete” moment. I am always looking for something new to reshape my Debian laptop. It has so much potential I am beginning to discover.


What I just discovered, I like purple. Not to wear but for visual grade. It seems to bring out the light more on my desktop. I usually liked the darker settled gray colors but begin to find them tiring and blending too much with everything else. Nothing is the same and I needed something to remind me of that fact. When I applied the “crux” theme, I noticed a much crispier looking desktop. The tabs in the top panel had a more raised-button like image.┬áTabs and controls for other applications were also more raised announcing their presences. The theme is easier on my eyes and I am more drawn to every detail that sometimes would get quickly overlooked.


My laptop is not just a mere flip-open-mobile thin client. It is my digital side-kick. It represents the wallet you don’t leave home without. Let this video down below show you what I mean.


If want to add the “crux” look on your “XFCE” desktop, go to “Applications Menu“, click “Settings“, Click “Appearances“. When the “Appearance” window opens, under the “Style” tab, select “crux“.