Cloud Computing

Copy: Barracuda’s cloud storage service

More and more I am liking the convenience of accessing my favorite files from any computer connected through the internet. What I like to call music on the go. I have used dropbox, and ubuntu’s “ubuntu one” cloud storage services with embedded features that allow you to sync your computing devices to those services and pull your data from the cloud right to your computer. Even during offline, you can still access your files because they are stored on your computer as well as the cloud. There is another cloud storage service that offers this exact feature:, a cloud storage service provided by barracuda. I know barracuda. I use their hard drive products in my computing and gaming rigs. Was surprised to learn they were offering cloud storage.


They offer two types of storage services, free and paid. With the free service, you get 15GB of initial free space. Three times that of dropbox. If you refer others to this service, you can get an additional 5GB of storage on top of what you already have. Spreading the word is areturn on investment“. You can get more space if needed by upgrading your account to take advantage of their charged services. Again, it depends on your needs.


There is a link on that lists instructions on installing the copy client on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.


I followed the procedures installing the “copy” PPA on my Utopia Xubuntu system. This version of Xubuntu is still in development. However, the procedure still worked. There are other ways of installing “copy”. Read the instructions on the above link and it will give you multiple steps of installation. Copy can also be installed on your mobile devices as well.


After the install, the “copy” app icon was placed in the “applications menu”. The application asked for my credentials that I use to log into my account. Similar to dropbox, it asked me to select the folders that I wanted to sync to my system. All files pulled from my online account will be stored in a folder labelled,  “copy”. Well that’s simple. Here is what the folder looks like in “thunar” the default file manager in Xubuntu.


the copy folder


I pulled some music files from my online account to my Xubuntu system. Played them to assure they were intact and all is well. The UI for the web version of copy is unique. However, it was a little slow when trying to remove some unwanted pictures. Overall, it was well laid out.


Of course security is important when it comes to storing files in a cloud. I took a look at security implementation for this service. I will quote this “For increased security, your data is protected by multiple layers of encryption, including top-secret grade AES 256, both during transfer and while at rest on Barracuda’s enterprise-class cloud storage” ( OK, so my data is being encrypted by multiple layers of encryption. Should make it hard for eavesdroppers to peak at what I am transferring.


There is and will never be a perfect cloud storage service. People have different preferences. The adventure is finding what works for you. Checkout “copy” and see what you think of it.