Images of Personality

I was told that you can’t solve the world’s problems in a vacuum. You have to get out there and interact. Then investigate the cause of it and where might lie a solution. Then build one. Well, I needed to re-energize my innovation for desktop personality. I looked for inspiration from the world around.

I don’t know why people like to spray paint vacant buildings with masterpieces of art. Perhaps art paper fail to bring out the expression graffiti artists are trying to make. There is a unique look and feel to art when it is splashed surgically on brick and wooden walls. The gaze of the sun shines life into it. That is when you come to realize, the world, is itself, a form of art.

First it starts with an idea. Then the idea turns into a series of sketches. It goes through a series of prototypes until it gets molded into its final physical presence. Once it becomes clear, it becomes fact.

It is a fact, that these people can paint. Huge ideas do need a bigger piece of paper. These are some of the paintings that I saw in my home town. I caught a few artists hard at work. They do take pride in what they do.

Letters with dimension
I love letters that have dimension. The appeal just captures your eyes. Reading would actually be more fun with just a little creativity. It is not what you say, but how you say it.

Painter viewing his painting

How many ladders does it take to finish a painting? As many as you can carry. “Hmmm, looks good, but, can be better”.

Painter getting more paint

“You see, I can touch my toes too”. “Wait, I still have the pain-bush in my hand”. Art is not a speed game. The slower you go the better it looks. Remember, let your mind guide you.

Builing from a distance

It caught my attention a few yards away. Like that orange.

A close up of the building from a distance

“I am ready for my close up Mr. Smartphone man”. That shade of orange makes the images come out of the wall. This is one of the best forms of communication. Seize the audience.

Picture with a good shade of blue

Cool is hard work. The Majestic is just going by textbook. There will be a mile long line at the doors.

Image of a fun city

City of rock. Saturday Night IS live.

Weird looking painting

Can’t read this one but the cat seems to like it.

One thing about art, you need to have a strong imagination. Your mind must be thinking in images as easy as your body breaths. There is always something that can be done or done better. The personality learned here is that the world has many areas of wonders. We just have to find the parts we fit into.


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