Using all edges of the screen for control

Canonical, inventors of Ubuntu has been working hard to deliver a mobile device called “ubuntuphone“. This is a smartphone with the Ubuntu operating system installed for user operations. It is a unique device that incorporates features that allows users to easily navigate around the system and execute operations.

Here is a late video of Mark Shuttleworth advertising the Ubuntu Phone.


Did you enjoy that 7min video. Noticed the keyword mentioned at the end the demo “edge”. The Ubuntu Phone likes to use the edges only.


Ok, the edge feature looks pretty cool. Well, I want something like the swipe feature on by Debian Laptop, codename: wheezy, version:7.4, which is using the XFCE desktop environment. My HP 2000 laptop is not touch enabled. There is no such thing as impossible, just unlikely. Let me show you how  to edge-swipe with XFCE. I will be using Xubuntu installed as a virtual guest on my Debian laptop. Then I will quickly show you what my Debian system actually looks like.




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