Ubuntu in the Lab


I am very excited to see Linux, specifically Ubuntu, being used in science research labs where bright minds are working to develop solutions to put humans on another planet and to enhance the 3D drawing model of some of today’s smart devices. Linux is innovation, not just a developer’s toy. In fact, Linux as a programmer’s toy, would be an insult to the maturity of the open source operating system.

Follow this link to OMG!Ubuntu! for more details on the what our young scientist are doing today.


I have always dreamed of traveling into outer-space. To go where no man has gone before or to go further. How will we get there without the combined efforts of everybody specializing in a skill that addresses a public interest? What you put in your brain will lead to what we get in this world. The same applies to your computer.

What you install on your system determines what you are able to accomplish. This does not mean that one system is better than another. There is no such thing. What I put on my system, helps me to help you. I am researching a way to help humanity propel forward in efficient sustainability of living. I found one way of doing it.

The engineers in these videos are using some of the same tools I am using. Pay close attention and you will see Ubuntu with the unity desktop being used in these project developments.




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