Remove PPAs in ubuntu 13.04

Ubuntu is a very flexible Linux OS. So flexible that you can install programs that are not part of its primary repository. Ubuntu’s repository or “repo” for short is a database of applications included with the main OS. These applications are supported by ubuntu, get regular updates and fixes. You will know what programs come included with ubuntu 13.04 when you launch the “ubuntu-software-center” and view all applications that you can install.

All you do is select the program you want and press the install button.

There are some programs that are not included with the ubuntu OS. Such programs must be installed from an outside source like the Internet. These programs are not supported by the main ubuntu developers but by third-party developers. They create such programs in the form of a PPA (personal package archive) or .deb (debian packages). Normally I prefer to use .deb packages because they are more stable and can be install on both debian and ubuntu systems. Debian developers are really picky about programs that can be installed on their systems. You see a .deb package, you will know that it has some credibility. However, there are some cool programs that only come in PPA styles. These packages are created by programmers that try to get a specific piece of software working on their own system. The PPA package will be in this form: ppa:(name of package team)/ppa. PPAs are specifically used to install unsupported programs in ubuntu. Just remember, PPAs are not support by ubuntu itself. If the package is unstable, it could have negative effects on your system. Use at your own risk

To install a PPA, find the name of the ppa on the internet. Example, ppa:team-xbmc/ppa. Then open a terminal and type: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:team-xbmc/ppa. Run an update: sudo apt-get update, then install the package itself: sudo apt-get install xmbc. Now that this package has been added to Ubuntu’s repository. The system will regularly apply updates to it.

If you decide that the ppa is no longer needed or is causing problems then you have the option of removing it. If you are not sure of what PPAs are installed on your system, you can easily find them in the “ubuntu-software-center” under the “edit” tab and select “software sources”. On the “software updates” window, select “other software”. Here you will find all PPAs added to your system.

You can select the PPA and press “remove“. Open a terminal and update your system. This method does not always work. The recommended way is to remove it via a terminal. Remember, the terminal is your friend. Fire up a terminal and type:

#sudo add-apt-repository –remove ppa:team-xbmc/ppa. Then type: sudo add-apt-repository –purge ppa:team-xbmc/ppa, to remove all configuration files of the PPA. Once you removed the PPAs, update the system: sudo apt-get update. All PPAs and configurations will be removed if the procedures were performed successfully. Select each ppa in the “other software” tab and press remove after you perform a system update. Close the software-center window, open it back up and check to see if the PPAs were removed.

I am showing you the PPAs I have on my system. The name of your PPA, if you have any, will be located after the launchpad link.

Here are more ways of removing PPAs in ubuntu. It is always good to know more that one way of doing something.

Removing PPAs in ubuntu from Askubuntu

If you want more details on installing PPAs on ubuntu then go here:

Installing PPAs on ubuntu


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