Play music and videos on ubuntu using Gstreamer (12.04 – 13.10)

As a request, someone asked me how to get media content (music, videos) to play on ubuntu. More then happy to assist 🙂

There are multiple programs, that can be installed on linux, to decode media files. One in particular that is used by ubuntu is called “Gstreamer“.

Gstreamer is a multimedia plug-in for decoding video and music file formats. The most popular video and music files that people use, mp3 and mpeg, are of the files that gstreamer can read.

Installing “gstreamer” on ubuntu should handle most of your multimedia file processing.

There are two methods of installing “gstreamer” on the lastest versions of ubuntu.

The first step is to enable the ubuntu-installer to install the  media plugins during system installation.

At the bottom of this screen you will select the box, “install this third-party software”. This option will install media plugins like “gstreamer”.

If you were unable to take advantage of this option during system installation, then you can install the package using “synaptic package manager”.

Depending on what flavor of ubuntu you are using, (I favor Xubuntu), click the start-menu button, select “systems” and click “synaptic package manager”.

I am showing this in Xubuntu 13.10. The same procedure should work in all flavors of ubuntu.

 When you type in “gstreamer” you will get a listing all “gstreamer” compatible packages. A good feature of “synaptic”, you can remove certain packages from the main packages if you don’t need them. Good package manager program. For this case, we are only going to select gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg, gsteamer1.0-fluendo-mp3, and gstreamer0.10-plugins-good which will install the “gstreamer” package and all required packages for different media file processing.

Once “Gstreamer” is installed, you can listen to your favorite music or video downloads. If you have a flashdrive with media on it, plug-n-play, and start jamming.

If you found this howto helpful, please leave a comment down below.


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