Is Canonical abusing power?

This is an interesting story concerning Canonical and a technologist named Micah Lee. Lee understood that there are some users that did not like the search tool in unity’s dash window that searches the system for app in addition to looking online for content of similarity. Because ubuntu searches online for similar content, worries elevated on the thought that canonical was spying on users’ activities.

Lee, created a website where he shows users how to disable this feature. Unfortunately, Canonical did not approve of the site using its trademark property. Lee was then asked to remove it.

We all like ubuntu. It is a good alternative to revive old computers. There has been great development happening around ubuntu. Ubuntu phone is one of them. Now, Valve is jumping on board with Steam. Ubuntu has positioned itself beautifully with the ubuntu server for cloud. Development is still increasing.

However, because of our excitement, we can easily overlook some dark-sides as well. This is a very interesting article created by ars technica. Please read this article and decide for yourself if Canonical’s actions were justified or excessive.

Canonical abused trademark law


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