Introduction to Linux

What is linux? Linux is an Operating system, just like windows and Mac that allows a computer’s hardware to interact with the programs that you use on your desktop. Linux is much more than that. Linux can be anything YOU want it be. Your interest my be in gaming. Linux supports a program designed by valve called “steam” that allows gamers to download games from the internet to their PC. Some of the global popular games are available on steam like Half-live.


You want a system that specifically designed to take advantage of the Internet or cloud computing, take a look at Chromebook.

Google ChromeBook

As you can see, linux can be unlimited is what it can do or become. Before you dive into the linux-wonder-land, it is a good idea to understand what linux really is. This will help you in selecting a linux system that is right for you. Also, I will help you in making those selections.

“Ubuntu is like windows XP, very easy to learn and use. Works out-of-the box. Compatible with most modern hardware and software. No need for antivirus installation, always up-to-date and rarely requires the need to upgrade hardware” – Istimsak Abdulbasir. This is my reason for choosing ubuntu.

What would your reason be for choosing your linux system.

This is a video by “Eli the computer Guy”. He is, in my opinion, and expert when it come to computer technology. Hear him give a run-down about linux and what you should know.

Eli the Computer Guy


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