A place to find ubuntu hardware support

Installing linux on a computer can be huge fun if you are into system engineering. It can also be adventurous for non-techs. You are using a system that does not believe in restrictions. A personal computer(PC) is a system that the user has full control.

However adventurous, it can also be a painful experience if you don’t know what type of hardware is supported. Here you put in your favorite OS and expect a great experience. Then you run into a problem. Something does not work. This is a great way to loose hair. Sometimes you have to walk before you can run. This means doing your homework ahead of time.

First thing you should always do, is list what hardware on your system is supported. How do you do that? Consult with the linux hardware compatibility list, or the compatibility list of your desired linux Distro. Here on this list, are systems known to work with ubuntu 12.04. Even if you don’t see your system, chances are, nobody tested it yet before you. Here is a link of hardware that works with ubuntu 12.04.


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