Re-size a hard drive using gparted

Increasing the storage capacity of one of your hard drive’s partitions has never been so easy. Well it looked that way. I just added a good 20GB to my /home partition on my Debian system (granddaddy of Ubuntu). It was a little over 20GB, now it has been increased to 63GB. You can do the same with your hard drive’s partitions.

Gparted is a partition manager used to create, delete, and re-size partitions on a hard drive. It can create linux partitions, (Ext2, Ext3, Ext4) or it can create Windows partitions (Fat16, Fat32, NTFS). There are other features for hard drive management like, viewing filesystem information, mount or un-mount partitions for access, view file system support, and even “rescue data”.

With every operating system, there is a program to manage your hard drives. Linux has many. Since your hard drive is like the belly of your computer, good hard drive health is a must. Can’t use your system without one anyway. In the video below, I show you how to re-size a hard drive partition using gparted.

If you find this tutorial helpful, leave a comment. Like to hear your thoughts.


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