Desktop Wallpaper Slide Show Movie

I was thinking how cool it would be to have every cool desktop wallpaper displayed on your desktop background. There are so many cool desktop wallpapers and its frustrating just to pick one. Overtime, you may come across another wallpaper that triggers your curiosity. Out with the old, in with the new. There is a way to display every cool artistic wallpaper that begs for your attention.

Thank of it as an audio CD. Insert and hit the play button. Punch in the number of the song and be directed to it. Better yet, program “repeat” and hear every track until the power runs out. Of similar form can be done with your Linux desktop.

This method was performed on Ubuntu using the KDE desktop environment; a desktop interface that blends beauty and power together. Though it can be a resource eater, it seems to have little limit in its capabilities.

The idea of a desktop wallpaper slide show was inspired by a friend of mine who loves cars. He has a talent for finding models that rival present imagination. Every car photo was just jaw dropping. I used one of the pics for my wallpaper. Was very happy. Until he took more, and more, and…..yeah, more.

There were hundreds of beautiful car photos, but only one could be displayed on my desktop at one time. I got greedy. I found a way to display all these cool car pictures on my desktop like a picture slide show.

If you are not running Kubuntu, or a KDE Ubuntu/Debian based operating system, you can install KDE as another desktop environment that you can simply log into. If you are running any version of Ubuntu, or Debian, install the KDE desktop environment.  You can install KDE either using the terminal or the “synaptic” package manager. If you don’t have “synaptic” installed on your Ubuntu or Debian based system, open a terminal and type,

#sudo apt-get install synaptic

If you do have it, open it.

Once you have synaptic open, type in the search bar, “kde or kubuntu”

After you install KDE, logout and login to the KDE session.

Now here comes the fun part. Find all desktop wallpapers that have visual beauty to you. I like cars, so I am downloading all car like wallpapers. I am in luck, someone already made these available on my Google+ page. Thanks 😉

If you want to follow the person who has done a great job delivering the beauty of automobiles follow this person. The pictures I am using were made available by them. It is only right to give credit where credit is due.

Create a folder in your “pictures” folder that is part of your profile and name it something that relates to all your wallpapers. For me I will call it futuristic cars.

Once you have that setup, follow the rest of the procedure in the below video.

If you like the neat slid show trick, leave a comment or request to see more tricks.


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