What does Leadership mean to you?

This makes so much sense. You can’t lead others if your focus is about self gain. People want to lookup to you. Leaders don’t control, they guide. 

Architects of excellence


When I was a wee boy (Yes, I am Scottish) leadership meant a lot. When we played Cowboys and Indians it was not just important to be on the winning wide, you also had to be the leader. Usually the leader of the Cowboys was the one with the best toy gun and the leader of the Indians had the best head dress. Now that I am slightly older (physically anyway) has it changed that much? People around me still seem to think that the leaders of this world have the biggest car, the biggest salary or the biggest something or other. Maybe they do have all those things but are they really leading anyone?

The term has eroded somewhat over the years of the information age but leading is not now and never has been about status. So what is it? It has been applied to politicians, religious leaders, cartoon…

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